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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Why do I love Pilates so much?

The energy factor!

I'm a mum, like many working mum's I spend quite a lot of my time juggling parenting, a career, my own training and quite frankly, I am often a little worn out. So, in truth it's not everyday I feel like getting sweaty and going 100% at the gym. These are the days I could not be more grateful for my Pilates sessions. They require less energy and demand on me physically and mentally but still manages to deliver many of the same benefits. Win! Win!

Teaching Pilates gives me an immensely satisfying career.

I can't begin to imagine what path my life would of taken with out Pilates. Teaching exercise of any kind is a very fulfilling line of work. With a background in dance I used to get a creative and cardio fix from my Aerobics classes. Then I discovered Pilates and I realised I had found longevity in an industry where burn out and Injury can halt a fitness career in it's tracks.

Pilates Friends!

Pilates has allowed me to meet some of the loveliest like minded people with whom I share many common interests. People start doing Pilates for various reasons, but we all share the same common interest that is wanting to feel and move better. Having taught in many different environments from the private health clubs to the more exclusive Pilates studios and to the more humble village hall. The relationships that are formed in a group exercise arena, are one of most enjoyable parts of my job.

Pilates Delivers!

It does what it says - if you let it. With some time and commitment, it will correct and improve posture. It will make your whole body stronger. Pilates will undoubtedly give you greater range of movement. Pilates will release and loosen areas of tightness. What else can deliver on all of that?

Its the ultimate in Abdominal Training!

When I say Abdominals, I am referring the important ones - the central muscles - the core! The ones that actually support and sit closest to the spine, not the superficial ones that we might typically aspire to have for ascetics. In actual fact whilst Pilates has it's name very firmly attached to an abdominal workout and rightly so. Its worth remembering the "six pack" does the least for spinal stabilisation of all the layers of Abdominals. I happen to find this knowledge comforting when I look at my "mum tum".

Are you a Pilates lover too? What are your reasons for loving Pilates?

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