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About Me!





"In me you can trust!

To make your body more robust!"

- Jen

Giving you a healthier relationship with your body

Hi I'm Jen!

I am here to advise, encourage, inspire you by delivering fun, varied and effective movement classes.

So, here's the thing I don't like about your typical biography.

A list of dates and qualifications won't give you the information that really matters in terms of effective teaching or whether giving up your free time, to do my class or P.T session will be a worthwhile and positive experience. 

In my opinion there isn't a training course that gives you those skills. You could do every qualification available but still not be able to deliver an engaging, inspiring, informative, creative, fun session.

So, I would much rather use this area of my site to not list dates and training bodies that you are unlikely to know whether they are reputable or not. Because! I'm pretty certain it will not give the insight into


What sets me apart from others? and The sort of person I am?

Which is warm, joyful, funny but mostly unashamedly real!

If I were looking for a trainer these are the things I would want to know.

I should probably at this point reassure those of you that do like to see qualifications, I am qualified and more than most I know 

I have been in continual Pilates education for all of the twenty years I have been a trainer. Please ask me, I will be only to happy to bore you to tears with all my recent and original training pursuits.


  • Educate you about your body.

  • Observe Well!

  • Communicate Clearly!

  • Know my Craft!

I give you strategies that will help you understand why you have pain and restrictions. And how to improve those things.

I will improve your bodies tolerance, strength and range of movement. These things together will make your body more resilient and adaptable to those oh shit! moments. 


I make it fun!

My unique programme of movement has been developed from hours of training and a thirst for relevant science backed research. That said, I have learned the most from the people in front of me.

The bodies I have taught are a huge source of motivation to me. Looking at the person as a whole and not just the mechanics of the body is my thing! 

Also, staying an open minded individual in this industry is so key. I honestly feel that you can never know it all.

It is my sincerest hope this blog style bio has demystified the sort of trainer that I am but mostly, given you the confidence to book with me.


Thank you for reading!



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