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Smart Stretch


A better solution for you to manage your restrictions at home.

Giving you the strategies to re-educate the tension patterns with a specialised science backed strength stretch programme.

Click any video to buy the series now!

Re - educated & Rehabilitate! Restrictions!

Whether you are recovering from injury or illness?

Taking a break from exercise or sporting activity?

Or maybe in need of some maintenance specific to your area of restriction, that will supplement your Pilates practise at home?

My SMART STRETCH series is for you!

A one off payment of £35 gives you Six months unlimited access to ALL THREE sessions.

My tailer made programme of mobility and strength with stretch moves has been specifically designed around the Three most common areas of tension & tightness.

 The BACK, the SHOULDERS and the HIPS.

*No Pilates experience necessary*

*NOT a Pilates class*

*Foam Roller beneficial but not essential*

Sarah Carmody Photography Jen-72.jpg

Get Viewing! Get Moving! Get Relieving!

Viewable individulally or feel the full impact and do all three sessions together.

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